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We Need to Improve Dental Health of Canada’s Seniors

The following article discusses the current state of dental care for Canada seniors. Thanks for visiting us at Surrey Endodontic Centre.  Many seniors in Canada have poor oral health, and we need to start the conversation about how to improve access to dental care for this vulnerable group, argues an editorial published in CMAJ (Canadian…


New Caries Treatment Helps Remineralize Teeth

There is a new technique that could hit the market in a few years that would do away with dental fillings as we know them. Read on to learn more, and thanks for visiting Surrey Endodontic Centre.  U.K. researchers have developed a tooth-rebuilding technique that could do away with restorations by using an electric current…

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Managing With Sensitive Teeth

It can be difficult to cope with tooth pain. Do not delay with seeing your dentist if you are experiencing pain. The longer you wait, the more it could cost you physically and financially. Thanks for visiting Surrey Endodontic Centre.  Sensitive teeth can make drinking your morning coffee or eating an ice cream cone a painful…


Early Morning Smokers

A recent U.S. study of almost 2,000 adult smokers has revealed that people who smoke a cigarette upon waking in the morning are significantly more likely to develop oral or lung cancer.